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The County Line was formed by some Texans who loved Austin, loved its heritage and historical buildings, loved BBQ, and we're committed to running a restaurant based on four principles:

Offer the highest quality smoked barbecue – ribs, brisket, sausage and chicken – with traditional sides of cole slaw, potato salad and beans.

Provide these BBQ specialties in generous portions at reasonable prices.

Offer friendly table service with linens and bar service.

Feature an authentic location that celebrates the heritage of Texas.

In 1975 they put all these principles into effect at The County Line’s original location in an old speakeasy now known as the County Line on the Hill. That opening night, however, was not without many challenges. Just before opening, they realized they had no menus. They rushed to the store, grabbed a handful of Big Chief Tablets, and individually wrote in, drew pictures of the food, and colored each one. The novelty of the idea stuck. Over the years, people would leave messages in the tablets, including several artists and stars' artworks and autographs. Now with locations all over the Southwest the County line continues to serve up award winning barbeque in a relaxed setting, that’s so good you’ll Want to “Get It all Over Ya!

In 1990, The County Line Restaurants began shipping its legendary barbeque to all parts of the United States by Air Ribs. The same quality products that you've come to enjoy in the restaurants can be shipped right to your door. What better gift could you give your family or friends than to have The County Line cook for dinner?


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